Monday, June 29, 2009

The Wines of Roussillon

The Wines of Roussillon
Jonathan Healey

'Roussillon has a wine bible'   L'INDEPENDENT

'The essential guide to understanding and exploring the best wines from Roussillon'   LE MIDI LIBRE

'Roussillon produces wines of a variety, originality and quality that it’s hard to imagine another wine region that offers the wine enthusiast such rich and exciting experiences’   From the introduction

. Full details of the region’s wine styles
. A fascinating account of the grapes
. Notes and recommendations on recent vintages
. 50+ of the best chateaux and domains to visit
. The story of Roussillon’s wine-based aperitifs
. An overview of Catalan cuisine and wine accompaniments
. A full calendar of food and wine festivals
. Tips about where to learn more

. 312 pages, hardback/pocket format, published 2002