Monday, November 7, 2011

Beaujolais Nouveau - a joyful aperitif or whiplash in a bottle

WHEN I was ten years old, I helped my dad to make space in our garage for the arrival of his Beaujolais Nouveau. I thought it must be a big car because we cleared all along one wall. Shortly after, I began to associate Beaujolais Nouveau with dupery and disappointment, as many wine-lovers do. Yet, better examples (yes, they exist) are a by-word for juicy, refreshing and appetisingly acidic plonk. They may handle unpredictably: too much acidity and they over-steer giving your tongue whiplash; too little acidity and they under-steer sloshing over the palate. For vintage flavours, test-drive a Cru Beaujolais from any of the appellation's 10 cru vineyards. 

Full article first published in The Connexion (November, 2011)